Photo Credit: Ron Sachs / CNP

The media has been reporting that Trump’s family wedding planner is taking over New York’s Federal Housing office.  Sources are claiming that Lynne Patton planned the wedding for Eric Trump. These stories are false. People magazine reported that Eric Trump’s wedding reception was planned by Jennifer Zabinski Events. Preston Bailey also said that “the wedding planner was Jennifer Zabinski. In my recollection Lynne Patton was not involved.” Lynne Patton said on Facebook “me neither” to a friend who said I didn’t even know you were a wedding planner.

If you look over her Linkedin profile she isn’t a wedding planner but senior advisor for the Eric Trump Foundation and senior aide to the Trump family.  She plans events but also ran the Eric Trump Foundation which included creating partnerships and doing research.  She also went to law school and Yale. The media is using the term wedding planner to make Lynne Patton’s role in the New York Federal Housing office look like a bad idea. Just because someone has planned events doesn’t make them a wedding planner.  Get the facts straight!

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