Here lately, I feel that everyone is an expert in the Wedding Industry.  We talked early this year about winning awards and sharing this on your marketing materials and Website.  Now I am seeing companies winning awards when they can’t even pay their bills.  The award’s significance is only as good as the people winning the award. Customers may not know it but everyone in the wedding industry does. So called experts are teaching wedding pros on how to improve their business when they never had a successful business. If they never made a profit in their own business, how can they tell others how to be profitable? These wedding professionals are running podcasts and creating groups on various social platforms.

My question to you what makes a person an expert? I would hope that you would say that they had a successful business!
If your joining podcasts and groups, how much do you really know about these experts?  If they went out of the business because they couldn’t make any money than why would you want to take part in their podcast or discussion?  Don’t get me wrong there are some really great podcasts and groups out their for wedding industry education.  My concern is those that are claiming to be experts who didn’t pay their bills and never had a successful business.

Research who is holding the podcast or who the leader of the group is.  What is their background?  Just because they have thousands of followers or members doesn’t make them an expert.  I have joined tons of groups but that doesn’t mean I am endorsing a group just because I am a member.  Don’t be conned. Here at Wedding Market we look into the experts that we have on as guests or experts.  We also look into the backgrounds of speakers that we place into our Wedding Market speaker directory.   Everyone can’t be a wedding expert!

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