Recently a wedding planner in our Wedding Market Live audience asked the following question:

“How do I make myself stand out in the market from other wedding planners?”

Celebrity wedding planner Donnie Brown said in Wedding Market Live:

You have to find out what they are doing and do something better. How you do that is by picking their brain and then talking to those they’re constantly working with.

You know you have made it the wedding industry when other planners or vendors try to copy your ideas.  If you have been in the business for a while, your competitors can try to copy your ideas, but they never can be truly you.  You have different strengths and traits that make you – and your business, unique.


What’s the best way to beat your competition? Stay on top of your game.
Over time companies can slack off and not be at their best. This is when your competitors win. Always set time to improve your business no matter how busy you get. Every year set aside time for continuing education so that you can be on top of everything in your business with the latest trends, marketing, products and etc.


Always strive to make your products and services better. How do you improve?  Ask your customers and the people you work with! Honest feedback can go a very long way.  If there’s a weakness in your business, hire the best in that area or find a consultant.  Stay on top!  Don’t live in fear of your competition. Outwork them, but always play fair.


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