This is the Transcript of the #WeddingMarket Chat on July 12, 2017 with Aleisha McCormack from The Bridechilla Podcast. The answers were made on Twitter so responses will appear different.

The Bridechilla Podcast is hosted by comedian, author and virtual bridesmaid, Aleisha McCormack. Each week, Aleisha shares her tell it like it is view and unique take on wedding wisdom to help Bridechillas and Groomchillas ditch the pressures and obligations that we sometimes feel during the journey and have fun planning this awesome day. With over 300 shows in the back catalogue, in addition to answering listener questions, Aleisha interviews the world’s leading wedding wedding planners, psychologists and mother-in-laws. The Bridechilla Podcast is all about empowering couples to plan the wedding that they want and ditching the stress and meaningless details, that no one will notice…hello chair covers.


Q1: What is a Bridechilla?


Aleisha McCormack: Bridechillas are modern, forward thinking brides who understand that perfection isn’t a thing and want to enjoy planning.


Q2: What is important to a Bridechilla?


Aleisha McCormack: Authenticity, being heard and feeling like they are planning a meaningful event. Ditching the cookie cutter stuff!


Q3:  Are there certain brands or values that a Bridechilla are interested in?


Aleisha McCormack: Our community of Bridechillas are keen to support local suppliers and vendors.They’re savvy with tech too.



Q4: What are the best social media platforms to connect with Bridechillas?


Aleisha McCormack: Each platform has merit but Facebook is fab for connecting with Bridechillas. They’re not into being sold at. Be genuine. They love the gram! But I find Instagram better for long form ongoing engagement.



Q5: What are the best ways to communicate on social media with a Bridechilla?


Aleisha McCormack: Forums like Reddit where you can jump into a conversation and offer advice is marvellous for connecting with Bridechillas. It’s a great place! I find so much inspiration there! It’s great but you’ve got to linger, watch, learn and follow the rules, or you will be banished quick smart!


Q6: What types of topics are Bridechilla’s looking for?


Aleisha McCormack: Balancing relationships, wedding hacks and ditching pressure are great topics. They aren’t afraid to ask for help.



Q7: What can turn a Bridechilla off?  


Aleisha McCormack: Spammy sales. It’s so old school and gross and Bridechillas see right through it. Get their attention by offering help.


Q8: What is a Groomchilla? 


Aleisha McCormack: The Bridechilla ethos isn’t gender based. Groomchillas are just as involved, same goes for same-sex couples too! And really we should be encouraging them to participate more…takes 2 to tango…or get hitched!


Q9: Now you started a new Facebook group for Bridechillas. What activities go on in the group?


Aleisha McCormack: Non-bitchy/judgy real wedding talk. Advice giving and offering and talking about the Bridechilla podcast! It’s fun! Yes and if you aren’t positive we throw you to the wolves!


Q10: Where can they find the group?


Aleisha McCormack: Yes, Bridechillas can join here –> Vendors are can to join but we have some rules. I think it would be great for you to encourage your clients to join the community!


Q11: What is the Bridechilla Podcast?  Do you feature weddings on your blog?


Aleisha McCormack: Bridechilla Podcast is a weekly wedding planning show, helping Bridechillas plan their wedding without the stress! The Bridechilla Blog features real weddings and advice from vendors and experts! We’d love to hear from you!



Q12: Where can brides or wedding pros listen to the Podcast or have their weddings featured?


Aleisha McCormack: Subscribing is super easy. Search for ‘Bridechilla’ wherever you get your podcasts! on Android or @ApplePodcasts.


Q13: What would you like everyone to take away from this #WeddingMarket Chat?


Aleisha McCormack:  That the concept of Bridezillas is B/S. People act out because of pressure and stress and not feeling supported. The wedding industry needs to stop promising and hyping up ‘perfection’ and instead provide embrace new ideas!


#WeddingMarket Chat Questions: 

@OnceUponAVow How do you keep your content consistent?

Aleisha McCormack: I listen to my audience- keep asking what they want to hear, who they want to hear.  I think we all spend a lot of time’ yelling’ and promoting on social media etc. Listening will get you a lot further.

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