This is the Transcript of the #WeddingMarket Chat on June 7, 2017 with Josh Womack from Laugh Staff. The answers were made on Twitter so responses will appear different.



Josh Womack has been the Head Writer of Laugh Staff, a company that uses comedians to write wedding speeches, since 2013. Before founding Laugh Staff, Womack was a stand-up comedian and performed with the likes of Norm MacDonald and Tom Arnold. He’s written nearly 500 wedding toasts.


Q1: What’s the best way to actually get started writing?


Josh Womack: To start writing start with an idea that’s easy to speak to – like yourself. Keep a diary or word document of how you’re feeling or what you observe through the day.



Q2: How do I limit distractions when I’m writing?


Josh Womack: Put your phone in another room and silence it. Turn off the TV or go somewhere away from the family.Have everything you need at your desk or writing space. Water, notepad, headphones, etc.



Q3:  Are there any daily goals I can set?


Josh Womack: One tweet a day is a great start. It’s just 140 characters! And it shows your personality!



Q4: Creativity wise, where do I look for inspiration?


Josh Womack: Think of something you’ve always wanted to say and write it down. Inspire yourself by reading the works of others. Inspiration could be something you’ve read or observed. Reading inspires me.



Q5: Can you find creativity from reading other blogs?


Josh Womack:  Absolutely. Most blogs are 3-5 minute reads and will help if you want to start your own blog.



Q6: Any advice on blog writing?


Josh Womack:  Clarity is key. Make sure there’s at least one useful takeaway for the reader.
Bullets and lists are easy to read. Make sure paragraphs don’t exceed 4-5 sentences.



Q7: What is a ghostwriter?


Josh Womack: A ghostwriter is someone who helps organize another’s story and narrative. Ghostwriters take the information and present logical, easy-to-follow stories.




Q8: How might a wedding pro benefit from hiring a ghostwriter?  


Josh Womack:  It’s an absolute time-saver. And ensures the speech portion will be as classy as everything else.



Q9: What is the best way to find topic ideas?


Josh Womack: Write what you have experience in. Wedding planning, style, consulting, etc.

Think of a question you’ve asked yourself. Then answer it with a blog for your readers!



Q10: Can a blog post be a summary and link to another article?


Josh Womack: Yes, just be sure to include the backlink. A shout out on Twitter and FB never hurts either!



Q11: Are there several ways the same topic could be presented in different ways in a blog?


Josh Womack: Yep! Listicles are easy reads, but personal essays hit more an emotional tone. Testimonial blogs are great too!



Q12: What are the best ways to find supporting photos for the blog post? 


Josh Womack: Asking your clients and network is your best bet. Also, is a good resource.


Q13: Could asking brides getting married questions be helpful in writing?  


Josh Womack: The more questions the better! It’s what we do with Laugh Staff, to really understand who the bride and groom are.



Q14: Are there any good books that you recommend for writing?  


Josh Womack:

A14: The best one out there is Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’. For copywriting, “Hey Whipple Squeeze This’ is a must-read!



Q15: What would you like everyone to take away from this #WeddingMarket Chat?


Josh Womack: Writing is a unique skill that requires patience and creativity. But ANYONE can do it!


Disclosure: Laugh Staff has an ad on our Website.

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