The Good. The Bad. And the emerging media. Will you follow?


As a veteran of the wedding industry, I’ve seen good and bad trends come and go. Here’s what I’ve noticed lately.


A good trend wedding professionals should follow is creating short video stories. Video is becoming more and more persuasive to customers of all types. Love how Brides and People Magazine are sharing these on Facebook. 


Below are a few examples: 


Brides video:


People video:


A bad trend I am seeing more and more is wedding professionals shifting to more sexual related posts in their social media. One day I saw a social media post and I thought the account had been hacked! I then realized later that this was their new social media strategy.


I was appalled to see a wedding picture that was trending recently because it was showing a bride and groom in a sexual act. Wedding pictures should reflect the personalities of the bride and groom, but in a tasteful way. If it’s not something you’d be proud showing your parents or grandparents, don’t do it.


Would a bride and groom really want their children to see this type of photograph?  Would you really want your children to see something like this?   You have to be careful on what you comment on because some people will only see the photograph and not what you said.


What path will you take? I feel this latest trend in posting sexually related content is in bad taste.  Will you add short video stories in your upcoming social media accounts?  Video is really the place to be to add more engagement and views to your wedding business.  The key is finding the right tools like Imovie or Movie Maker to edit the videos with. 


Good and bad trends will continue to come and go. Be sure your branding has integrity in all that it does.

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