Bridal Shower Ideas Shared on Fox 45 in the morning: 

  • Who Do You Invite? Girls Only or Couples?
  • Create A Theme
  • Themes Can Be Based On Bride’s Interest, Wedding Colors, Hobbies and or an Activity
  • Use Theme Elements With Food, Decorations & Games
  • Use Appropriate Games or Activities For Guests

Bridal Shower Items & Activities Used on Fox 45 in the Morning


Bridal Gown Cookies & Cupcakes By Marianne’s Kitchen


Bridal Gown Invitations By Lunar Ink 


Bridal Gown Puzzle by Lost & Found Puzzles
 – Great way to ask guests to write a great memory about the bride on a puzzle.


Guess Her Dress Game by Merrily Designs – 
Ask your guests to guess the brides dress by drawing what her gown will look like.



Game to Create a Bridal Gown Made Out of Toilet Paper
–  This game require two or more players and one player is required to be the bride.  The team has 15 to 20 minutes to create a bridal gown for the person chosen as the bride.  The best bridal gown design wins.



Bridal Shower Games:
Story Games:


 Some Great Theme Ideas:

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